KELAGAYI is a traditional woman’s headscarf manufactured exclusively in Azerbaijan. Atthe same time it is an impressive masterpiece of ethnic art. In 2014 it was included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Handmade of natural silk and by using the hot batik technique, KELAGAYI has been popular across the country for centuries.

KELAGAYI may vary in colors and are decorated with floristic as well as geometric ornaments alongside the edges (yelany) or , and in the midst (Khoncha). In old times KELAGAYI was used as “orpek” by young women and girls. It was wound round the head as ”chalma” or ”dinge” by elderly women.

Nowadays, KELAGAYI can be used in wide ranges, for example as a shawl on the shoulders, as pareo, as poncho etc. The most precious KELAGAYI are those which comprise 5,6,7 colors. They are unique in its own way. These and other kinds of KELAGAYI are made by hand in Baskal, an old mountain village on the North-West part of Azerbaijan.